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Winnebago Journey Exterior Options

Winnebago Journey

With 6 Different Exterior Full Body Paint Options, you will find the exterior appearance you are looking for! 

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The Winnebago Journey's Exterior is wrapped with the Sikkens premium high-gloss enhanced paint finish and is available in 6 exterior options. These exterior full body paint options include: the Autumn Sage Exterior with a gray body and green highlights, the Black Cherry Exterior with a black and tan body and cherry colored highlights, the Midnight Exterior with a black and gray body with blue highlights, the Mojave Dusk Exterior with a black and beige exterior and tan highlights,  the Sunlit Exterior with a cream and gray exterior with sun yellow highlights and the Steel Grey exterior with a blue and cream exterior and darker blue highlights.

Winnebago Journey Exterior Options

Full-Body Paint

Winnebago Journey Autumn Sage ExteriorWinnebago Journey Autumn Sage Exterior

Winnebago Journey Black Cherry ExteriorWinnebago Journey Black Cherry Exterior

Winnebago Journey Midnight ExteriorWinnebago Journey Midnight Exterior

Winnebago Journey Mojave Dusk ExteriorWinnebago Journey Mojave Dusk Exterior

Winnebago Journey Steel Grey ExteriorWinnebago Journey Steel Grey Exterior

Winnebago Journey Sunlit ExteriorWinnebago Journey Sunlit Exterior